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July 2010
Best Burger Site
If you love burgers then this site is for you. 100% user driven, search, share and vote for your favorite burgers.
June 2010
Visuell Interactive
This site is clean, functional, and is built to standards. It's simple layout and clear message makes it easy to navigate and understand.
May 2010
This site is creative and original. The GURUS make great use of animation, intuitive navigation, and visual effects.
April 2010
This creative website from Animake Imagem makes clever use of flash and actionscript, nice work!
March 2010
Lara Fishbein
This GURU site features the work of photographer Laura Fisbein. This simple and clean interface makes great use of her beautiful photography.
February 2010
Tony Garcia Photography
Great photography mixed with killer design makes for a great website. Nice Work!!
January 2010
Green Planet Search
Not your typical search engine directory website. Green uses simplicity and clean "Green" design to present a new way of searching the internet... GU GREEN!
December 2009
RebelCult is the fastest growing tattoo, music and art community today! We liked this site so much we created a netGURUS group.
November 2009
Cuker Interactive
This is a very sharp and clean digital portfolio with some amazing work.
October 2009
SD Workz
This GURU agency has a professional, clean and simple website with a great use of CSS.
September 2009
Plink! Anything in Action
Plink is a GURU that makes great use of the full browser window space and cool lightning effects.
August 2009
Scrap Crackle POP!
Scrap Crackle POP is a web directory for digital scrapbook designers. Great use of javascript and css.
July 2009
This is a unique site that is easy to use, has a nice use of monotone colors and makes great use of flash.
2009 - GURU of the Year
Appellation Sensations
This is a French website devoted to the combination of wine and chocolate. If you love the two, you will love them together. Oh, nice website design as well.
May 2009
Robert Kent Photo
This is a perfect example of an easy and clean way to present an online photography portfolio.
April 2009
Cottars Safari
Another great site by King Dow Productions. When I look at this site I can only say one word... Vacation!
March 2009
A highly creative site with a great use of JAVA. John Zmuda from Poland is a great designer, which is very clear once you visit his website.
February 2009
C*Markward Design
This is a fun web portfolio from designer Charlotte Markward. The thing that makes this site the GURU of the Month is it's ease of use, and stylish graphics. Love the light bulb!
January 2009
2009 Taste of Hampton Roads Foodbank Charity Event
This is a great website with that extra attention given to the navigation and subtle animation, setting it apart from the crowd. Nice job!
December 2008
My Footprint
This site is all about "GU Green". The subject matter and the way that it's presented in the interactive space, is what makes this site the GURU of the Month. Nice Job!!!
November 2008
Vacations Canada TV
Vacations Canada it a perfect example of creativity, information architecture and consumer friendly presentation.
October 2008
Kathryn Amberleigh
This is a site that is both stylish and functional, delivering a sophisticated way to shop on-line.
September 2008
This is a great example of a well designed site that features a unique product and shopping experience.
2008 - GURU of the Year
This site represents a well thought out execution of content display and function.
July 2008
A great example of a clean, corporate site. Not to mention a full CMS.
June 2008
Very nice animation the home page... I love the subtle touches.
May 2008
I just love this home page....
April 2008
This site makes me want to run out and eat chicken. It is fun and energetic.
March 2008
Moss Appeal
Great use of color and patterns. This one really stands out in the crowd.
February 2008
I just love this site.. The use of photography. The beautiful contrast of the flowers against the black background. The the water droplets... Nice touch!
January 2008
Here is a fun lively site that is not just all about the Rum they make. It feels like you are actually taking a trip to Brazil. Nice work!
2007 - GURU of the Year
Company X Audio
The thing I liked most about this site was it's iconic representation of the navigation. Very well designed.